For Such a Time as This

I awoke this morning at 4:44 am with the Lord speaking these words to me.  “Understand the times and the seasons”  “I want to bless my people, but they are not asking.  Tell the people to ask me”  Immediately I thought of several things: the  sermon series and the vision/encounter from last December on Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh & 2 Chronicles 30:18-20, how in His mercy, the Lord healed all those who sought Him and received the Passover lamb, even though they were not fully clean.

I would interpret these things to mean we are in a limited season of blessing to prepare us for the next season that is coming.  If we do not receive the blessing now, the next season will be more difficult.  It is a normal pattern in scripture for the Lord to lead His people into a season of blessing, freedom, and devotion to Him leading up to a season of difficulty or a season that would seem impossible if not for the preceding season of blessing.

Joshua 1-5 tells us about Israel entering into the Promised Land, coming back into covenant with God, and eating the Passover.  They entered into a season of new blessings and prosperity, were called into holiness and the cutting away of the flesh, and they invited Christ into their lives.  All of this took place before they faced Jericho.  And when they faced it, they trusted the Lord and saw a great victory.

2 Chronicles 29-31 tells us how Hezekiah called the wayward Israelite back into devotion to the Lord.  There was a time of blessing as they repaired the temple and were healed (rapha) by the Lord.  There was a call to consecration and a time of receiving the Passover lamb or of receiving Christ into their current state.  All of this took place before the invasion and miraculous defeat of the Assyrian army in chapter 32.

Now is our time to enter into the provision of the Lord during this season of equipping.

For the areas of deficit or debt in your life, ask the Lord for Gold.  For the areas of sin or struggle ask the Lord for Frankincense.  For the areas of hurt and pain, both in soul and in the physical, ask the Lord for Myrrh.  The Lord isn’t going to just drop it on us, we must ask.  We must seek Him and ask.

We have not because we ask not.

Do not refuse to ask because of your felt unworthiness or lack of righteousness.  Ask.  It’s His mercy.  It’s His Gold, Frank & Myrrh.  He can do with it what He wants.  Keep in mind that in 2 Chronicles 30:20, He healed those who had come to Him in an unworthy, and unclean way.  If you think about it, all of the Gospels are full of stories of people who came to Him and received these things from Christ even though they were unclean.   He blesses as a way to lead us into His righteousness.

For such a time as this, ASK!

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