5-19-15 Word of the New Outpouring and Purpose

I was awaken around 12:34 am by electrical shocks hitting me.  I lay in bed asking the Lord to speak to me and then I got up and wrote down what I heard.  

I am going to do things in a new way and it will shake the church structure and it’s wine skin.  I will pour out my spirit in a new way that will not be limited geographically to a church building, but will be poured out upon my people where ever they are.

I will cause a Tsunami of hope to invade this country.

What if I make all you currently do irrelevant?

Every ministry that points people to Christ, serves and equips the body will survive.  Every ministry built around men and their gifting will end almost overnight.  People will say, “Why do I need you, when a greater one is with me wherever I go?

A great harvest of souls will begin.  Be ready to serve many as they reach and disciple.  The nets will be overwhelmed.

As I looked out from where the church building is, I see fires everywhere.  Every believer was on fire as they went about their day.  Each believer was filled and overflowing with the presence of the Lord.

There will be both wheat and tares and both will be watered and cared for.  There will not be time for anything else.

The Purpose and Mandate of the church organization will shift from a production and an event to a 24/7 community ministry resource center.  What was a Sunday event will now be all about doing and being what ever is needed for those in the field harvesting.  Training, Prayer, Worship, Spiritual Food, Ministry Wisdom

There will be tares who will also experience an outpouring.  But their focus will be on themselves.  Look for a heart for purity and devotion to Christ as signs of the wheat.  Tares will focus on themselves.  Both will experience an outpouring. Do not be deceived by looking at the outpouring as a sign of righteousness.  You will know them by their fruit.