12/23/14 Vision Encounter

I woke up again around 3 something going in and out of sleep feeling electrical shocks hitting me. I looked at the clock once and the time 3:27 stood out to me. Over the next 11 minutes I had a vision/Encounter. I got up as the clock turned from 3:38 to 3:39 and went downstairs to read and write the vision down.

The Vision

I was above the earth but not very far so that I could look down and see the roof of houses. I saw the houses in a winter time snow covered field, rural type of scene. I was standing in the entryway of a large building and I knew I was in “Heaven”. There was a wall to my right that hit a corner and turned headed out away from me and I could not see where it ended. On my left was a small wall that faded into the natural realm, so I knew I was in the physical, but seeing into the spirit realm. The room went as far as I could see away from me and kept going. It was a bright and cheery place full of mounds of gold coin that glowed reflecting almost a sunrise type color and light.

I had a wheel barrel and was working to fill it up and would go and dump it over a house, but knew it was not sufficient to get the coin dispersed to those who needed it. I was frustrated and felt a strong need to find a way to bust holes in the floor so that the coins would rain down upon the houses below. I thought prayer was going to be a key in busting holes.

I then saw another building, like a warehouse to my right that also went on as far as I could see. It was full of mounds of white pebbles and I knew it was frankincense.

I then noticed a third building further to my right, and it was full, as far as I could see, with 55 gallon drums of oil. I knew this to be Myrrh. There was a hand dolly there and I man handled a drum onto it and proceeded to take it to the roof of a house and open up the spout so that the oil poured out over a man below.

This was very slow and frustrating, and I was weeping this whole time in sadness of not being able to get the wealth/healing/freedom to those who needed it.

Suddenly I was inspired to ask for Angelic help to deliver it, so I began to ask for angels to come and pass out what was stored up. I saw angels arrive and begin to administer the gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Then I heard the Lord say, “Woe to those who love money, Woe! I have power over all currency and I will shake them. Woe to those who think they control them.” I also heard Him say that the gold stored up was for the ransom of slaves and as these slaves were set free, they must not fall back into slavery with the love of money.

I came to myself.

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