O God,You are my GOD!

Ps 63:1 O God you are my God, early (earnestly) I will seek you.

The first statement here is not a statement of possession.  It is not that he is MY god, but that of a revelation, that he is my GOD.  He is God, he is LORD, and all powerful.  It is a statement of trust, of position.   Even though I am small and powerless, I know you are GOD and able to take care of me in all situations.  So I seek you early and earnestly, not from a self promoting point of view (I am the one who seeks), but from the understanding that I will put God first.  Without Him I can do nothing, so I place Him in His proper priority – above all!

You can read and meditate on all of Ps 63.

For Such a Time as This

I awoke this morning at 4:44 am with the Lord speaking these words to me.  “Understand the times and the seasons”  “I want to bless my people, but they are not asking.  Tell the people to ask me”  Immediately I thought of several things: the  sermon series and the vision/encounter from last December on Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh & 2 Chronicles 30:18-20, how in His mercy, the Lord healed all those who sought Him and received the Passover lamb, even though they were not fully clean.

I would interpret these things to mean we are in a limited season of blessing to prepare us for the next season that is coming.  If we do not receive the blessing now, the next season will be more difficult.  It is a normal pattern in scripture for the Lord to lead His people into a season of blessing, freedom, and devotion to Him leading up to a season of difficulty or a season that would seem impossible if not for the preceding season of blessing.

Joshua 1-5 tells us about Israel entering into the Promised Land, coming back into covenant with God, and eating the Passover.  They entered into a season of new blessings and prosperity, were called into holiness and the cutting away of the flesh, and they invited Christ into their lives.  All of this took place before they faced Jericho.  And when they faced it, they trusted the Lord and saw a great victory.

2 Chronicles 29-31 tells us how Hezekiah called the wayward Israelite back into devotion to the Lord.  There was a time of blessing as they repaired the temple and were healed (rapha) by the Lord.  There was a call to consecration and a time of receiving the Passover lamb or of receiving Christ into their current state.  All of this took place before the invasion and miraculous defeat of the Assyrian army in chapter 32.

Now is our time to enter into the provision of the Lord during this season of equipping.

For the areas of deficit or debt in your life, ask the Lord for Gold.  For the areas of sin or struggle ask the Lord for Frankincense.  For the areas of hurt and pain, both in soul and in the physical, ask the Lord for Myrrh.  The Lord isn’t going to just drop it on us, we must ask.  We must seek Him and ask.

We have not because we ask not.

Do not refuse to ask because of your felt unworthiness or lack of righteousness.  Ask.  It’s His mercy.  It’s His Gold, Frank & Myrrh.  He can do with it what He wants.  Keep in mind that in 2 Chronicles 30:20, He healed those who had come to Him in an unworthy, and unclean way.  If you think about it, all of the Gospels are full of stories of people who came to Him and received these things from Christ even though they were unclean.   He blesses as a way to lead us into His righteousness.

For such a time as this, ASK!

5-19-15 Word of the New Outpouring and Purpose

I was awaken around 12:34 am by electrical shocks hitting me.  I lay in bed asking the Lord to speak to me and then I got up and wrote down what I heard.  

I am going to do things in a new way and it will shake the church structure and it’s wine skin.  I will pour out my spirit in a new way that will not be limited geographically to a church building, but will be poured out upon my people where ever they are.

I will cause a Tsunami of hope to invade this country.

What if I make all you currently do irrelevant?

Every ministry that points people to Christ, serves and equips the body will survive.  Every ministry built around men and their gifting will end almost overnight.  People will say, “Why do I need you, when a greater one is with me wherever I go?

A great harvest of souls will begin.  Be ready to serve many as they reach and disciple.  The nets will be overwhelmed.

As I looked out from where the church building is, I see fires everywhere.  Every believer was on fire as they went about their day.  Each believer was filled and overflowing with the presence of the Lord.

There will be both wheat and tares and both will be watered and cared for.  There will not be time for anything else.

The Purpose and Mandate of the church organization will shift from a production and an event to a 24/7 community ministry resource center.  What was a Sunday event will now be all about doing and being what ever is needed for those in the field harvesting.  Training, Prayer, Worship, Spiritual Food, Ministry Wisdom

There will be tares who will also experience an outpouring.  But their focus will be on themselves.  Look for a heart for purity and devotion to Christ as signs of the wheat.  Tares will focus on themselves.  Both will experience an outpouring. Do not be deceived by looking at the outpouring as a sign of righteousness.  You will know them by their fruit.

12/23/14 Vision Encounter

I woke up again around 3 something going in and out of sleep feeling electrical shocks hitting me. I looked at the clock once and the time 3:27 stood out to me. Over the next 11 minutes I had a vision/Encounter. I got up as the clock turned from 3:38 to 3:39 and went downstairs to read and write the vision down.

The Vision

I was above the earth but not very far so that I could look down and see the roof of houses. I saw the houses in a winter time snow covered field, rural type of scene. I was standing in the entryway of a large building and I knew I was in “Heaven”. There was a wall to my right that hit a corner and turned headed out away from me and I could not see where it ended. On my left was a small wall that faded into the natural realm, so I knew I was in the physical, but seeing into the spirit realm. The room went as far as I could see away from me and kept going. It was a bright and cheery place full of mounds of gold coin that glowed reflecting almost a sunrise type color and light.

I had a wheel barrel and was working to fill it up and would go and dump it over a house, but knew it was not sufficient to get the coin dispersed to those who needed it. I was frustrated and felt a strong need to find a way to bust holes in the floor so that the coins would rain down upon the houses below. I thought prayer was going to be a key in busting holes.

I then saw another building, like a warehouse to my right that also went on as far as I could see. It was full of mounds of white pebbles and I knew it was frankincense.

I then noticed a third building further to my right, and it was full, as far as I could see, with 55 gallon drums of oil. I knew this to be Myrrh. There was a hand dolly there and I man handled a drum onto it and proceeded to take it to the roof of a house and open up the spout so that the oil poured out over a man below.

This was very slow and frustrating, and I was weeping this whole time in sadness of not being able to get the wealth/healing/freedom to those who needed it.

Suddenly I was inspired to ask for Angelic help to deliver it, so I began to ask for angels to come and pass out what was stored up. I saw angels arrive and begin to administer the gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Then I heard the Lord say, “Woe to those who love money, Woe! I have power over all currency and I will shake them. Woe to those who think they control them.” I also heard Him say that the gold stored up was for the ransom of slaves and as these slaves were set free, they must not fall back into slavery with the love of money.

I came to myself.

New OS

I once downloaded a copy of an OS for my computer because I no longer had the disk and needed to do a repair of the system. What I didn’t realize at the time (I am much wiser now!) was that the OS I downloaded was pre-infected with a virus. When I did my repair, I ended up with an un-clean OS, and needless to say I was worse off than with my original problem.

In the same way, God created us with a pure OS. One that was designed to work in connection with THE Cloud, if you catch my drift. But the enemy of our souls came in and duped A&E into installing his Trojan under the guise of them having a faster, better processor. (Kind of like those TV commercials that act like by installing their “free” software, they will make a single core 256MB DDR XP laptop fly like a Quad Core i7 with 16GB of DDR3 Ram). He lied, and they were corrupted and didn’t know it.

To further complicate the problem here, they were created to self-replicate and now each and every one with a copy of that warped pirated OS installed. This left each of us having that unclean registry, and in other words, we are unable to think straight.
But God (who far exceeds anything Apple, Microsoft or Google could ever do) didn’t leave us there, or throw us away to start over. (Can you imagine, “Humans 2.0 soon to be released”?) He sent His son to purchase a new clean version of the OS, so that all could have it.

What do you have to do to get this upgrade? You must ask Him for it. It is not an automatic upgrade, because our default setting for updating was set to manual by the Trojan. It is not just something that happens because you think it might be a good idea. It is one of those updates you spend hours searching online forums for because you are tired of dealing with the problems and errors of the current software. It takes humility to admit that you are broken and need fixing. I understand this can be hard (I still deal with people who are running 98, or who argue XP is better than 7), but there is no way around this.

At the age of 15, my OS was so messed up that I really had no hope of it ever working correctly. I had crossed circuits, messed up hardware, and a registry so polluted, I had often even thought of cutting my power cord. I had no hope. But, thankfully I had a divine meeting and was offered Tech support. I surrendered all of me for repair, and He upgraded me with His OS. Instantly I felt like a ton of viral processes and junk toolbars were uninstalled. I could think straight, I could love and be loved, I had hope and a future.
I am not talking about an update to the current OS. As if updating to SP1 of Vista took care of its core problems. I was not updated, I was a new clean install.

I am also not talking about some new app. Something that runs within the corrupted OS to somehow mask the problems. I am talking a new way of life, one that come from God who created us. Not some appendage to a dead way of living.

I hope you understand my tech speak here and turn and ask God for the upgrade. If you need help or have questions, I have original OEM install disks and the full manual. Just let me know.